Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What materials are used in Storganize brand storage equipment?
A: The structural and storage surfaces in our storage equipment are first quality 3/4" thermofused melamine laminate. Melamine has proven to be affordable, durable and easy to clean. Hardware incorporated in our storage equipment has likewise been selected to provide dependable long-lasting function and is the same as you would typically find in finer cabinetry or furniture.

Q: What does Storganize brand storage equipment cost?
A: The scope of our work varies widely based upon your needs, space and budget. Nicely outfitted reach-in closets typically range from $500 - $2000, walk-in closets from $1500 - $15,000, and garages & offices from $1000 - $7500, though there are certainly exceptions. We do offer a FREE in-home consultation and estimate in our primary service area to help you determine what to budget for the installation of storganizing equipment that meets your particular needs.

Q: Do we have a minimum order?
Our minimum installation of new storage equipment is $500. Outfitting (installation) services are available seperately at an hourly rate of $90 per hour, with a one hour minimum (in our primary service area) where service only is required, or where your purchase is less than our $500 minimum installation.

Q: What are our terms of payment?
Quoted prices are honored for 30 days. We require a deposit of at least 50% on each order. Your balance is due upon the completion of installation. We do accept VISA and MasterCard. We do not accept American Express or Discover cards. When you pay your deposit by credit card, Storganize will charge the balance due on that card upon completion, unless you make other arrangements with us before installation. Interest of 1.5% per month (19.56% A.P.R.) will be charged on balances exceeding 30 days. We also offer FREE 90-day financing through Citi Financial with a 20% deposit. See your Storganizer for more details.

Q: Do we sell our proucts for “do-it-yourself” installation?
We highly recommend that our products be professionally installed. Accordingly, delivery and installation are included in the price of all of our products. If you choose to install our products yourself, we cannot warranty them.

Q: How long does it take to get Storganized?
We have daytime, evening and Saturday appointments available for initial consultations, generally within the next few days. You can expect this initial appointment to require 1-3 hours depending upon the scope of your storganizing needs. Sometimes we can create an individual storganizing plan in one appointment. Often, it takes two sessions. Sometimes, for larger projects, we need to spend more time together.

Most of our products are made-to-order. Production usually takes 1-3 weeks depending on the scope of your order and business conditions. We will contact you to set up an installation appointment shortly after our office processes your order. This date is something on which you can and should rely. We schedule installations on weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and typically target our arrival within a one-hour window in order to minimize your inconvenience.

Installation of your new storage equipment is quick, clean and easy. All but the largest of jobs can be completed in a few hours.

Q: How do I prepare for installation?
If you live in a multi-unit building or high-rise, please notify building management of your installation. Please advise us of any special circumstances that could impact our Outfitters. If there is an elevator in your building, please follow your building’s procedures for reserving it.

It is your responsibility to remove your personal effects from the area in and around which we will be working. This presents an excellent opportunity to make some tough decisions about those things that you haven’t used in a year or more! It is our expectation that our Outfitter will find an empty space in which to work.

If we are replacing existing rods and shelves, we recommend you remove them ahead of time and take the opportunity to repair and repaint your wall surfaces. If you choose to leave them, we will remove them and lightly fill any minor holes resulting from their removal.

Q: What should I expect from Storganize on installation day?
We will arrive on the date and within the time frame promised. Should we for any reason be delayed, we will call ahead of time to keep you apprised. We will remove our shoes while wokring in your home unless final flooring has yet to be installed. We will do any necessary cutting outside whenever practical, and sweep up any debris we generate. We will clean the melamine surfaces of your equipment to remove most of the dust accumulated during manufacturing and installation. You may wish to wipe them down one more time before using them in order to clean them to your satisfaction. And we will vacuum or sweep, as appropriate, the areas in which we were working.

Q: Are you licensed, bonded and insured?
All personnel representing Storganize are employed by Storganize. We do not subcontract work to other tradespeople or contractors, and as such are not a general contractor. We are fully insured. We recommend that you request a valid certificate of insurance from anyone you hire to significantly improve your home.

Q: Can I take my storganizing equipment with me when I move?
Your equipment was specially deisigned for the space in which it is installed. As a feature attractive to others when reselling your home, it tends to appreciate along with the rest of your home. Whereas it is possible to move your Storganize products to a new space and retrofit them for it, the next owner of your home is likely to value it higher than you due to the costs involved in doing so.


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