There are only two reasons for clutter – inadequate storage, and indecision. We can help you with both.

Everything you own is potential clutter. Unless you define “a place” in your home – one that works well enough so that you actually use it – your stuff will continually get in your way and clutter your life. So much of the storage equipment sold today promises to make a difference, but in the end, ends up as just more clutter itself.

Storganize provides expert advice to help you create the right “place” for the stuff in your life and the right equipment so that you actually use it. Storganizing is an inherent part of owning stuff. You never really finish storganizing. What we can do is make storganizing easy and enjoyable. We help outfit your home so that you’re free to enjoy the stuff that really matters.


Why pay California prices, or suffer New York attitudes?

At Storganize, our first priority is making your life easier. It starts with attentive, courteous service. We know that REAL service happens when you pair committed people with a meaningful purpose, and back it up with great training and support. You’ll work with Storganizers, Equipment Specialists and Outfitters who are continuously trained to provide you with the expertise we’ve acquired in our nearly 20 years of storganizing your friends and neighbors.

We’re a Minnesota company, with your values. We promise to make a difference in your quality of life, to deliver real value in our products and services, and to contribute to our community.

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